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Values of Design: China in the Making

2020.01.19 - 2020.12.20

Design Society 

V&A Gallery, L1, Sea World Culture and Arts Center, 1187 Wanghai Road, Shekou, Nanshan District

Initiated and curated by Design Society, in collaboration with the Victoria and Albert Museum (V&A), Values of Design is the first exhibition in China to explore the growing field of Chinese design and its influence on China’s modernization. It is also the first to attempt to understand how changing and evolving values are helping to shape what we design, produce and consume. The exhibition showcases 138 works organized into six sections: Patterns of Design, Problem Solving, Shaping Materials, Identity and Consumption, Enhancing Communication and Negotiating Cost, to elaborate on the cultural implications beyond the different presentations of Chinese design.


Shenzhen Industrial Design Masterpiece Exhibition


Shenzhen Industrial Museum

2-10F, Yellow Tower, Area B, Shenzhen Civic Center

Shenzhen has been fueling the synergy of design and technological innovation to enhance the city’s capacity in design innovation, develop high-end design talents, and promote the clustering of the industrial design industry. The exhibition showcases a collection of the latest award-winning industrial designs from different sectors in Shenzhen to highlight the role of innovative design as the leverage to realize high-quality development of the real economy, contributing to the transition from ‘Made in Shenzhen’ towards ‘Created in Shenzhen’.


The Epoch of Robo-Sapiens Art

2020.09.26 - 2020.11.15

OCT Art & Design Gallery

9009-1 Shennan Road, Overseas Chinese Town, Nanshan District

The exhibition is the OCT Art & Design Gallery’s first event dedicated to ‘robo-sapiens’. Twenty-three artists and artist groups are invited to present their artistic interpretation of the relationships among machines, mechanized creatures and humans in the contemporary context. The artists have adopted a variety of media, for instance, intelligent mechanical installations and interactive videos, to express their understanding of the survival of art and technology, as well as humans’ imagination and perception of the future.


Home by Lou River – From Four Wangs to Modern Loudong Special Exhibition

2020.09.20 - 2020.11.20

He Xiangning Art Museum

He Xiangning Art Museum Hall No.1-8, 9013 Shennan Road, Nanshan District

The special exhibition Home by Lou River showcases a collection of 52 classic artworks and 16 selected large-scale scroll paintings from famous modern Chinese artists. The artworks – crossing a time span of more than 300 years from the early Qing Dynasty to modern times – are the epitomes of the key historical shifts of literati painting in China. How are their styles presented? What is so unique about their approaches? We humbly recommend you have a look with your own eyes. As the ancient saying goes, “Settling one’s mind in the great nature shall lead to changes in one’s aura.”


Inside and Outside the Window – Special Exhibition of Liang Sicheng & Lin Huiyin

2020.08.28 - 2020.11.29

Shenzhen Museum of Contemporary Art and Urban Planning

A3 Exhibition Hall, Shenzhen Museum of Contemporary Art and Urban Planning, 184 Fuzhong Road, Futian District

Inside and Outside the Window – Special Exhibition of Liang Sicheng & Lin Huiyin gives a vivid description of the life episodes of the scholar couple through an impressive collection of manuscripts, documents and objects of Liang and Lin, and showcases their achievements in ancient architecture expeditions and education to pay tribute to their academic and humanistic pursuit. It opens a window for the younger generation of “builders” to look back into the glorious modern history of China and gain inspiration from the greatness to celebrate the new era of future urban planning in the country.


Camel Bells Beyond the Great Wall – Feature Exhibition of Guan Shanyue’s Sketches of the Northwest Land and Paintings of Dunhuang Murals in the 1940s

2020.08.20 - 2021.06.26

Guan Shanyue Art Museum

Exhibition Hall, 2F Guan Shanyue Art Museum, 6026 Hongli Road, Futian District