The Curation Workshop II: Another In-depth Discussion on Curation as a Discipline


The Curation Workshop II, co-hosted and presented by OCAT Shenzhen and OCT Art & Design Gallery, will be open to the public until May 2021. The event was co-initiated by Cui Cancan, professional curator, and Feng Feng, Executive Director/Curator of OCT Art & Design Gallery. The event consists of two sections. “The Curation Workshop II: Story and Structure” is housed in OCT Art & Design Gallery, and “The Curation Workshop II: Sample Cases from OCAT” will be presented at the Exhibition Hall A of OCAT Shenzhen. The Curation Workshop, as China’s first series of independent experiments and creations on exhibition curation, has pioneered a new exhibition genre centered on the discussion of “curation technologies, tools, and methods”. The delivery of the workshop series intends to engage more young people and showcase the most up-to-date language of curation and the latest exhibition trends. While providing inspiration to the industry, the event has the vision

to become a classroom for generations of curators to experiment with their artistic ambition.