RoboMaster 2020 Open For Registration


Standard Robots by Beijing Institute of Technology, Zhuhai  Photo credit: DJI

Standard Robots by Beijing Institute of Technology, Zhuhai Photo credit: DJI

RoboMaster is a robotics competition for college students worldwide. Sponsored by the Central Committee of the Communist Youth League and the Shenzhen Municipal People’s Government, and initiated and hosted by Da-Jiang Innovations (DJI), the event provides a platform for young engineers around the globe to “think hard and act smart”. RoboMaster, since its birth, has played a positive role in engaging outstanding students in fostering innovative ideas, hands-on experience, teamwork spirit, creativity and entrepreneurship, and has delivered top sci-tech minds to the society.

RoboMaster 2020 is divided into four sections: RoboMaster Youth Tournament, RoboMaster Robotics Competition, RoboMaster Technical Challenge and RoboMaster AI Challenge. The competitions and challenges give students the opportunity to get out of the classroom, form their own teams, and develop and produce different robots by themselves to compete in the events. It requires the participants to practice what they have learned and build advanced intelligent robots through competitions. The purpose is to develop students’ hands-on skills and strategic thinking.

 Northeastern University, Champion of RoboMaster 2019. Photo credit: DJI

RoboMaster 2020 Youth Tournament aims to nurture scientific thinking and the potential for innovation among youths, and allows young people to feel the joy and the sense of achievement through the technical battles. The tournament seeks confident hearts that hope to take challenges and change our future world. The registration for Season 2020 will close on October 11th. The awards are waiting for their winners. RoboMaster Robotics Competition, as the first shooting sport-style robotics competition in the world, has attracted widespread attention since its launch with its groundbreaking match presentation, exciting audio-visual experience and fierce and tough competitive style. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the schedule of this year’s competition is still pending. The RoboMaster Organizing Committee has decided to introduce an online assessment scheme to minimize the health risks and ensure reliable validation of the competition results.

Projectile reloading  Photo credit: DJI